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Privacy Policy

Personal Data:
We collect personal data only for the purposes connected directly to our activities and we handle such data with great responsibility.

The type of personal data that we collect from you and process is directly relevant either to the contract between us or the services and/or products that you select to offer you. For our training services we collect your Surname, Name, Address, Phone number, ID number passport, Nationality and email.

Personal data that are collected via our website will be used for the purposes mentioned in this Policy.

Our company does not collect or obtain access -of any sort- to “sensitive” personal data, unless this is required by the type of our offered services, the Law or for grounds of public benefit (e.g., trainee’s/instructor’s medical exams in order to participate in flights).

Our company collects the data prior to or during signing of our agreement or in compliance with its contractual obligations, while using our website, when rendering services, when you register to the educational programs, at the center of maintenance and purchase of aircrafts, during receipt of CVs and handling of complaints.

Purpose and Legality of process:

  • execution of our agreement and rendering of our services.
  • safeguard and protection of our and your legal interests.
  • compliance with legal obligations.
  • the consent that you give under the specific requirements set by law.

We process your personal data in order to offer you services of the best quality, serve our pre-contractual or contractual legal relationship, to send you personalised information and offers, to respond to your requests, to safeguard your and our legal interests, to update you on our services and accept your comments so as to improve them, to handle and analyse our customer base (purchasing behavour) aiming to improve the quality, diversity and availability of our offered services, for the administrative planning and operation of our company, for the handling of your requests and complaints.

We do not share your Personal Data with third parties, except Public Services that are by Law entitled to have access to such data (CAA, Tax Authorities, Ministry of Interior and Immigration in relation to foreign trainees etc.). In any event, access to your data by the competent authorities will be limited to the absolutely required by law. Our Company may, after guaranteeing their confidentiality, allow access or transmit personal data to the following data processors, in order to allow the rendering of services to you:

  • To marketing and promotion businesses/ collaborators for statistical analysis for promotion and advertisement, keeping of archive, courier companies
  • To companies offering services of maintenance and support of software with data basis.
  • To the provider of web-hosting services with whom we have a contract.
  • To collaborating lawyers
  • To Public Services and State Authorities.

Your rights relating to the protection of your personal data:
Knowing which of your personal data are being stored and processed by Flyence Aviation Academy, as well as how they were collected and ask for copies (right of access)

  • To request the correction and/or supplementation of your data in order for them to be accurate and complete, by presenting all necessary documentation from which derives the necessity to complete or correct (right to rectification)
  • To request the restriction of processing of your data (right to restriction of processing)
  • To refuse and/or object to any further processing of the personal data stored by
  • To request the erasure of your data from our Company’s files (right to erasure/ right to be forgotten)
  • Ask the Company to transmit the data you have given to any other controller (right to data portability)
  • To withdraw your given consent at any time

Our Company will respond to all requests within a month following receipt. In the event that additional time is necessary, due to the amount and complexity of requests, the Company will inform you about the required time extension per case. All declined requests will be accompanied with the respective reasoning.

Our Company reserves the right to deny satisfaction of your requests, in the event that they are not in accordance with the relevant law requirements. Such refusal and the grounds thereof will be notified to you within the deadlines set with this policy.

In case we are in doubt regarding the data of the natural person that submits the request, there is a chance we request additional information in order to confirm its identity.

To file a complaint before the Competent Authority for any dispute that may arise from our collaboration, contract, offer of services and the infringement of your rights. Competent is the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA), 1-3 Kifisias, Ampelokipoi, PC 115 23, Athens, Internet Site:, Τel.: 210 6475 600, Fax: 210 6475628.

The Company will take all possible measures to satisfy your request within a month following its submission and identification, informing you in writing upon completion, or about the reasons that prevent the exercise of your respective right or the satisfaction of one or more of the above mentioned rights, pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation.

Protection and Safeguarding of the Data:
The personal data processing procedure takes place in a manner that safeguard its confidentiality. The Company and its collaborators use the appropriate technical and organisational security means, follow rules and other processes in order to protect your personal data from any non-authorised access, incorrect use, corruption, prohibited dissemination, communication, loss or accidental/ illicit destruction and any other form of unlawful processing.

We covenant to inform the competent authorities of any potential data infringement, as well as you, in case there is a threat for your rights and interests. The Company will put all its efforts and take all necessary actions in order to prevent a breach of data and to assist the authorities in case an infringement occurs.

The Company processes the data exclusively and solely through its authorised personnel that is bound by strict obligations to maintain confidentiality.

Cookies and other technologies we use
Our Company’s website uses “cookies”, so as each time that the users connect themselves to the webpage, the latter to retrieve via them information and offer to the users services relevant to them. The installation of “cookies” from our end is permitted only upon the users’ consent and following his appropriate briefing.

Obligations of webpages users
When using the webpages of Flyence Aviation Academy it is confirmed that you are adults. If you are minors you must abstain from any use of the Websites as well as from any recording of your personal data without the consent of the person that has your parental responsibility. The Company bears no liability in case of breach of the above obligations.

The Company may delete, crosscheck, complete or amend the information you give, based on information that were collected legally from third parties, and it will inform you accordingly.

You may unregister of revoke your consent regarding procedures and actions that process your data, at any time you so wish.

Storage period of personal data:
Your personal data are stored in order to fulfill the purposes that are set with this Policy and, if you so request, we may erase all stored data (unless if law requires their keeping for a longer period).

Additionally, our Company may store personal data after the accomplishment of the collection and processing purposes, in order to use them: before tax and social insurance authorities, control authorities and any other public Authority or competent Court, until the expiration of the provided by law limitation period per case or for the time period that we deem necessary in order to advocate our rights and lawful interests.

Following expiration of the storage period, your personal data will be destroyed/ erased from our files and system, in compliance with our Company’s policy, always under the condition that their storage is no longer necessary for the comple
For any information regarding the processing of your personal data from our Company, as well as in the event you wish to exercise your above rights, in accordance with the relevant law requirements, you may address yourselves to our company by emailing at: