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Overview The CPL course( Commercial Pilot License) is designed to prepare PPL holder’s with certain qualifications, as described below, in order to pursue their professional career and expand their aviation opportunities.

The aim of the course is to equip individuals with the necessary skills and experience, as well as help them develop the knowledge required to safely operate an aircraft in a professional environment.


  • EASA Medical Class 1 Certificate
  • 150hrs TT, 100hrs PIC (300 NM Nav trip/2 stops)
  • Night Rating completed
  • ATPL exams passed

Flight training

The Flight training of the CPL course comprises a total of 79.5 hours, including skill test hours, with an average duration of 2 months.

More specifically it includes Commercial Pilot License training( CPL/IR/ME) as well as Instrument Rating, where the pilots exercise in both dual and solo flights, building their flying skills and proficiency, while learning to operate relying solely on instruments.

Additionally, PBN and Multi-Engine Rating is included, where the pilots learn how to utilize advanced navigation systems like RNAV/ RNP and handle multi- engine aircrafts.

Moreover it includes the AUPRT training, which teaches pilots to recognize ,prevent and recover from unusual aircraft attitudes and conditions, enhancing aviation safety.

The Flight training is conducted in:

  • Single Engine Piston (SEP) – Cessna 152/172
  • Multi Engine Piston (MEP) – Tecnam P2006T & Piper Seneca III
  • Flight Simulator – FNPT II
Training course Cost Duration
IR in SEP (PBN) 35hrs FNPT II
15hrs SEP
1 month
1hr SEP Skill Test
1hr FNPT II PBN Skill Test
AUPRT course 3hrs SEP 2-3 days
CPL/MEP course 10hrs SEP
6hrs MEP
1-2 weeks
1hr SEP Skill Test
1.5hr MEP Skill Test
IR in MEP 3hrs FNPT II
2hrs MEP
3 days
1hr MEP Skill Test
1hr FNPT II PBN Skill Test
CPL/ME/IR License with ATPL theory credit 79.5 hours 79.5 hours
Enrollment 1.000€ 3-4 weeks
IR in SEP (PBN) 14.000€
UPRT course
CPL/MEP course 10.000€ 3 weeks
CPL/ME/IR License with ATPL theory credit 25.000€ 7-8 weeks