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EASA Conversion Courses

EASA Conversion Courses

General Courses


The EASA Conversion course converts a pilot’s licence held in accordance with ICAO Annex 1( e.g. FAA, CASA, Indian DGCA, Transport Canada etc.) , in compliance with EASA regulations. The training is designed individually according to the pilot’s licence and background experience, such as the amount of hours or types of aircraft he/she has operated with.

During the course the pilot will also be familiarised with the local procedures, while being informed about the latest legislation and EASA operations, since he/she will operate in an EASA-regulated airspace.

Theoretical training stage

The Theoretical knowledge training stage of the EASA Conversion course, includes 13 theoretical lessons and a total of 680 hours of ATP theoretical knowledge training through a procedure of distance learning and self-studying.

The pilot is given access to an online platform, which includes all the appropriate tools(study guides/ lecture notes/ question bank/ progress tests etc.), while being at our instructors’ complete disposal at all times for any clarification or guidance needed.

In addition the pilot will attend a number of lectures in the classroom for the courses of IR/PBN & UPRT before the realization of the flight training part.

Flight training stage

The Flight training stage of the EASA Conversion course comprises of 27hrs of flight Training for IR/PBN, UPRT & CPL Modular courses, with an average duration of 1-2 months according to your personal efficiency.

The pilot shall meet certain requirements as presented below:

  • 200 hrs in total
  • 100 as PIC / 300nm navigation in which the pilot will have landed in two airports differentiated from the origin/destination airport
  • 50 hours solo cross country
  • Night Rating completed
  • EASA Class 1 Medical

The Flight training is conducted in:

  • Single Engine Piston (SEP) – Cessna 152/172
  • Multi Engine Piston (MEP) – Tecnam P2006T & Piper Seneca III
  • Flight Simulator – FNPT II
Training Training hours Cost Payment Plan
ATPL & IR/PBN Classroom Necessary hours 4.900€ Pre-entry
Familiarization flight 1.5hr SEP Pre-start
PPL Skill Test 1.5hr SEP
IR/PBN 2hrs FNPT II 10.000€
CPL Modular course 10hrs SEP
5hrs MEP
CPL/IR/ME Skill Test 3hrs MEP
PBN Skill Test 1hr FNPT II
EASA CPL/ME/IR with ATPL Theory credit 27 hrs 14.900€ TOTAL