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Life at the Academy

We are a team of aviation and business professionals, bringing together diverse backgrounds in airline and charter piloting, career instruction, aircraft engineering, business management, and entrepreneurship. Frustrated by the lack of flight schools genuinely committed to student learning and customer service, we took it upon ourselves to establish a new standard.

While we may not boast the lowest prices in the industry, our commitment is to be the epitome of excellence. Over the years, our evolution from a conventional flight school to a comprehensive service provider includes maintenance and aircraft sales.

Our dedicated team comprises seasoned aviators, experts in their respective fields, and individuals with a genuine passion for teaching. Our instructors, with thousands of flying hours, excel not only in piloting but also in safety instruction. We share a collective love for flying and teaching, and our aspiration is beyond mere proficiency – we strive for excellence. We aim to accompany you on your journey to obtaining your wings, ensuring that your experience surpasses the ordinary.

In tandem with our high standards, our mechanics are aligned with the same mindset. From the outset, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with the latest tools and skills. Who better to understand the features and advantages of the training that we provide than those who actively fly and meticulously maintain them? We’re not only prepare cadets for to be aviators; we’re offering a commitment to quality and expertise that extends throughout your entire aviation journey.