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Advanced UPRT

Advanced UPRT

Airplane Advanced Aviation Courses


The Advanced UPRT( Upset Prevention and Recovery Training) constitutes one of the last steps towards a professional pilot’s career.

The course is designed to provide pilots with the appropriate skills and knowledge in order to be competent enough, not only to recognize and prevent aircraft upsets but also recover from unusual flight altitudes.

Theoretical training stage

The Theoretical knowledge training stage of the Advanced UPRT course, includes 5 hours of classroom instruction in the academy, where the student pilots are being mostly familiarized with the main factors causing aircraft upsets, developing a recognition mechanism, in order to prevent and recover from them.

In addition the course covers various topics such as aviation regulations, human factors and aerodynamics.

Flight training stage

The Flight training stage of the Advanced UPRT course comprises a total of 2 hours of extensive simulator training on an FNPT II device, as well as 1 Skill Test hour.

The aim of the flight training is to build the pilots confidence and responding skills during aircraft upset events or other challenging situations regarding unusual flight altitudes.

The total duration of the course is 2 days.

Training course Cost Duration
(A) UPRT Theoretical training stage 1,200 €
Paid in advance
5 hours
(A) UPRT Flight training stage 3 hours