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The PBN course, also known as Performance- Based Navigation training, is designed to teach pilots the principles of utilizing advanced navigation systems, like RNAV and RNP. The course focuses on providing pilots with a comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge of the PBN techniques in order not only to acquire modern navigation skills, but also to enhance safety and efficiency in their operations.

Theoretical training stage

The Theoretical training stage of the PBN course consists of a 5 hour PBN theoretical training in the classroom.

The training specifically includes parts such as Navigation Specifications, Procedures and Phraseology, Flight Planning and more.

Flight training

The Flight training of the PBN course involves real-world application of the knowledge acquired during this 3 hour training, reaching the essential experience and proficiency level needed for the successful completion of the course.

Key points of the training are:

Simulator training, where the PBN procedures and techniques are being practiced, in a realistic and immersive environment.

Instrument approaches / On- board Navigation, where the pilots learn to accurately and safely navigating- landing, using PBN procedures.

The duration is 3 hours, including the skill test.

Training course Duration Cost
PBN Theoretical training stage 5 hours 1.000 € Paid in advance
PBN Flight training stage 3 hours