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FLYENCE Aviation Academy: Elevating Pilot Competence to Airline Entry Level Standards

At FLYENCE Aviation Academy, our Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Cooperation (APS MCC) course is meticulously designed to facilitate the smooth transition of newly qualified, low-experience ATPL(A) / CPL(A) / IR(A) license holders. The primary objective is to elevate their knowledge, situational awareness, and skills—both technical and non-technical—to that of an entry-level airline pilot operating a jet airliner.

Key Components of the APS MCC Course:
Comprehensive Training: Our course seamlessly integrates classic MCC training, in-depth knowledge of aircraft systems, advanced aircraft operation scenarios, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and advanced swept-wing jet training.
ICAO Core Competencies: Emphasis is placed on the development and assessment of ICAO core competencies, ensuring that our pilots meet the highest international standards.
Regulatory Compliance: The course is developed in strict compliance with AMC2 FCL.735.A to Part FCL-Amendment 3, ensuring that our pilots are not only proficient but also fully compliant with aviation regulations.

Course Objectives

Participants in the APS MCC course will gain the necessary competencies to:

Execute Tasks to Standard:

Combine knowledge, skills, and attitudes to perform tasks to the highest standard.

Operate Multi-Crew Aircraft:

Develop both technical and non-technical aspects required to operate a multi-crew aircraft efficiently.

Ensure Effective Situation Awareness:

Navigate normal and non-normal procedures with effective situation awareness, utilizing related checklists.

Master Flight Path Management:

Develop competency in flight path management, including energy management as the pilot flying (PF) and active monitoring skills as the pilot monitoring (PM).

Understand Aircraft Dynamics:

Grasp the aircraft’s flight envelope, inertia, and the relationship between thrust and attitude, allowing effective handling of scenarios like airspeed unreliability.

Handle Upset Situations:

Recognize and navigate upset situations, applying appropriate procedures to avoid or recover from them. This builds confidence, skill, and resilience in our pilots.
At FLYENCE Aviation Academy, we welcome you to become a part of our esteemed family. Our commitment is to provide the most advanced training delivered by industry-leading professionals. Elevate your skills with us and achieve the right results for your aviation career.