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Flight Instructor

Flight Instructor

Airplane Advanced Aviation Courses


The Flight Instructor course is designed to provide individuals with the appropriate training in order pilots to become highly skilled instructors, able to efficiently prepare and teach aspiring pilots at various levels .

Theoretical training stage

The Theoretical training stage of the Flight Instructor course consists of 130 hrs of ground school, during which the trainees are equipped with all the theoretical and instructional tools necessary in order to master the way of sharing their aviation knowledge with their future students.

Flight training stage

The Flight training of the FI course involves a total of 32.5 hrs of practical training, where the pilots gain expertise in communicating differentiated aviation concepts, as well as providing the guidance and flight instruction to the students, being on Air.

The Flight training is conducted in:

  • Single Engine Piston (SEP) – Cessna 152/172
  • Flight Simulator – Elite FNPT II or other certified device
Training Training hours Cost Duration
Pre-entry Flight Test
1hr (SEP)
5.000€ 1 month
Flight Training Time 30hrs (SEP) 6.000€ 1 month
Assessment of Competence 1.5hrs (SEP)
FI Course 130hrs
TOTAL 11.000€ TOTAL 2 months