Every flight is first-class when you're in control.

Why choose Flyence?

We focus on quality instead of quantity and aim to ensure optimal personal and interactive training. We acknowledge that your time is precious. Therefore, our school focuses on delivering the best quality of pilots in the least time required to do so. We have decided to remain honest and dignified; that has helped us develop our training routes.


Aviation continues to be a growing industry. Choose the course that best reflects your goals, and we'll be here to take you to the skies.

Beneficial Numbers

We track our growth and falls in every moment. It helps improve the quality and relation between us.

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Book Your Demo Flight

Get ready to experience the adrenaline rushing through your body as you prepare to take off! A flight lasting enough in the pilot-in-command seat to keep your hands over the controls. That is how you will determine if this is the career for you, knowing that we stand by your side for assistance.


Let us give you a taste of what we provide, our credibility, and where we'll take you.