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Airbus Type Rating

Airbus Type Rating

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Introducing our Airbus A320 Type Rating Training Course

Our Airbus A320 Type Rating Training Course, aligned with the A320 Family OSD §4.1-4.4, is meticulously crafted to equip trainees with the essential knowledge and skills necessary for safe and proficient operations. The course emphasizes adherence to approved flight procedures, compliance with airplane operating limitations, and mastery of standardized and emergency procedures, all within the framework of the crew cooperation concept.

Tailored to meet the stringent requirements of Part-FCL for Multi-crew Cooperation in a Multi-pilot Environment (MPA), our program also encompasses Type Rating Training for Pilots. Additionally, it encompasses the comprehensive content outlined in the Airbus A320 OSD Flight Crew document, along with coverage of Training Areas of Special Emphasis (TASE) as defined in OSD §7.3.2. These elements specifically address baseline A320 variants.

By enrolling in our Airbus A320 Type Rating Training Course, pilots gain a solid foundation and proficiency that aligns seamlessly with industry standards. Our commitment to excellence ensures that participants are well-prepared to operate the Airbus A320 safely and effectively, meeting and exceeding the expectations set forth by regulatory frameworks and the aviation community.

A320 Type Rating
EASA approved course

This EASA approved type rating course program, will get you the required license endorsement to fly and work on a Airbus A320 Family aircraft.

Total Duration: 5-7 days Ground-Training and 10-14 single or block training days at Simulator Center
Phase 1 & 2: Ground Training | Theoretical Part: CBT & Classroom

Theoretical Knowledge Instruction consists of approx. 40 Computer Based Training hours over a period at home of 5-7 days, prior to a 2 day face-to-face Classroom instruction with, Performance, W&B, ESET, etc. Training.

Course Highlights include:

  1. Computer-Based Training (CBT), LMS access including unlimited UBF & V-Prep. access
  2. CBT for the FMS
  3. Mass & Balance Calculations on EFB (Ipad App)
  4. FCOM, AFM, Performance (Tables) or EFB Performance Module (i.a.w. Client Airline SOP)
  5. Operational Procedures Training, Airbus or Client Airline SOP (i.a.w. OM-D and Airline Syllabi)
  6. face-to-face personal, individual instruction & short theoretical knowledge check. (normally at Simulator Training Center Site 1 day before Phase 3).
  7. Phase 3: Practical Part: CPT – Cockpit Procedure Training & Full Flight Simulator
  8. 1-2 day FTD | FFS (no-motion) / Mockup and 10-12 days Simulator Course, consisting:
    • FTD sessions, normally on Fix Based FFS (Full Flight Simulator)
    • 8 Full-flight simulator (FFS) sessions
    • 1 Full-flight simulator (FFS) session, Line oriented flight Training (LOFT) as free Bonus
    • 1 Full-flight simulator (FFS) session for the CAA Check/Skill Test with a TRE / SFE
    • 1 Full-flight simulator (FFS) session LVO, CAT II/IIIa/IIIb for Operators (Optional,
      • Each FFS session is 4 hours + briefing and debriefing, Total 6-8 hours per Session & Day.
      • We need a minimum 2 students for the practical training, in order to ensure the quoted price.
      • Single pilot training are available on request.