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The MCC (Multi-Crew Cooperation) course is a training program designed to provide pilots with the necessary skills and mentality to operate effectively as part of a team in a multi-crew environment, ensuring the highest levels of safety, effectiveness and professionalism in their future pilot careers.

The course focuses mostly on enhancing crew resource management skills or CRM skills, improving situational awareness and promoting effective collaboration among the crew. During the training the pilot learns how to consider all the available resources, while making decisions in a collaborative manner.

Theoretical training stage

The Theoretical knowledge training stage of the MCC course, includes 25 hours of classroom instruction , provided by highly knowledgeable, experienced and well-trained instructors. The classroom training consists of interactive content, such as questioning, problem- solving activities, visual aids etc.

This way we create an engaging learning environment where student-pilots are actively participating in the learning process.

Flight training stage

The Flight training stage of the MCC course comprises a total of 20 hours of extensive simulator training. The student-pilots enhance their decision-making abilities, while undergoing engagement in realistic scenarios of challenging situations, such as emergences, abnormal procedures and differentiated flight phases in multi-crew operations.

Training course Duration Cost
MCC Theoretical training stage 25 hours 2.500 €
MCC Flight training stage 20 hours