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Women Ambassadors in Aviation

May 31, 2021

Today we proudly announce our Women Ambassadors Pilot Scholarship.

Women Scholarship

Our program encourages exceptional women to become professional pilots. Every year, we will award 20 scholarships to aspiring female pilots. The scholarship recipients will become role models with the mission to inspire more women to join them in the flight deck!

The selected candidates of this program will each receive €3000 to cover some of the cost of their pilot training program or 12 months of uncharged all-inclusive accommodation.

Why do we need more women in the flight deck?

As a training organization, we aim to advance women in aviation to broaden the civil aviation talent pool. Today, women make up only 6% of professional pilots worldwide. Unlike many other traditionally male-dominated professions, the aviation industry is still not attracting enough women. Our scholarship program aims to develop the industry’s future women pilots hoping to address the depreciation of women in this profession.

What does it mean to become our Ambassador?

We will entrust you to share your passion for aviation and inspire the next generation of women pilots. Moreover, we will follow you throughout your journey to the flight deck and to your first few years as a professional pilot, providing regular updates through social media and sharing your experience at our events.

Am I eligible to apply for this scholarship?

Yes! All women are eligible!

How can I apply?

  • Please fill up the form and schedule an online meeting with us, do add a note explaining to us that you would like to apply for the women’s scholarship program. then, click here.
  • We will get back to you with further instructions.