Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Where is Flyence Aviation Academy located? 

Greece. Our headquarters and ground school are in Athens. Our airport base is at the Civil Aviation Airport of Pachi, Megara.

Question 2

How can I schedule an appointment for further information?

You can click contact us on any of our social media platforms, the Get in Touch section on our website or email us at info@flyence.com.

Question 3

Does the academy offer any discounts?

Students may apply for financial aid through the financial aid section on our website. Other ways would be: contacting us, emailing us at financial-aid@flyence.com, or keeping an eye on the offers posted on our social media platforms.

Question 4

Does the Academy offer License conversion?

Yes. Through our academy, you will be able to convert any License to an EASA License. You may find more information in our course listing section.

Question 5

Is it possible to take a tour of your facilities? 

Yes, you can visit us! Please contact us through the Get in Touch section on our website or schedule a meeting with us by sending an email to info@flyence.com

Question 6

Does the school offer a demo flight?

Yes, please book your demo flight through our website! You may also email us at info@flyence.com, or get in contact with us through social media to arrange a demo flight that will help you feel confident about your decision to pursue the pilot profession.

Question 7

When does the enrollment for the ATPL Integrated course begin?

The enrollment in our school is quite flexible and can happen every month. Contact us to join the batch of your choice or guarantee a seat by booking it through our website; or sending an email to info@flyence.com.

Question 8

Will I be allowed any breaks in my ATPL course?

Yes. You will have three breaks during your training: Christmas time, Easter time and, ten days in August. Emergency leave will be allowed by submitting necessary documents.

Question 9

Is my license internationally recognized?

Yes. Our school issues an EASA license that enables you to work anywhere in Europe. You will need to convert it only if you decide to fly outside E.U.

Question 10

Will I need to wear a uniform during my training?

Yes. It is mandatory to wear the Flyence Aviation Academy’s uniform during both the flying and the theoretical training programs.

Question 11

What is a Medical Certificate?

The medical certificate is a statement from an approved medical center or doctor that the applicant satisfies the health requirements to operate an aircraft in flight.

Question 12

Does the school offer any assistance regarding accommodation?

Yes. We provide furnished accommodation in different locations, located close to both the ground-school, and the airport where you will fly.

Question 13

Is the accommodation free?

Sometimes. Our all-inclusive furnished school accommodation has a fee of 400EURO. Otherwise, keep an eye on our social media content to stay updated regarding packages that come with free accommodation packages for a specific duration of months.

Question 14

Does the school offer any assistance regarding transportation?

Yes. The school can assist you in finding the best solution suitable for your transportation needs.

Question 15

Do I have to pay for the course upfront?

No. We are flexible when it comes to payments. We can discuss payment installments at your convenience.

Question 16

Will I be able to study from abroad?

Yes. Our e-Learning program allows students to study from anywhere in the world!

Question 17

How can I apply for a job at Flyence Aviation Academy?

Kindly attach your resume in our Career Opportunities section, as well as a cover letter. You may also attach your resume to careers@flyence.com and let us get back to you.