About Us

We are a professional flight academy based in Athens, Greece.

Following the highest international aviation standards and approved by HCAA under European legislation and EASA regulations (EL ATO 132).

Our mission is one and one only; to ensure the development of well-trained pilots from zero to highly competent professionals.

Our school was founded with a passion for aviation and the aspiration of replenishing the world with new master pilots.

At the heart of our core beliefs is the science of flying, therefore Flyence.

Why us?

Selecting the right aviation school is challenging. Various schools available worldwide offer the training needed to become an airline pilot. In contrast, it is vital to be aware that we issue pilot licenses and associated ratings and certificates according to European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulations. That will give you the benefit of eligibility to work in all European Airliners. EASA licenses are worldwide appreciated, making it easier to convert your license to any other if you decide to work elsewhere.

After you've determined that Europe is the best continent for your studies, let us walk you through understanding why Greece is your best country option for flying. Greece follows a typical Mediterranean climate. Patterns of hot and dry summers along with mild rainy winters sum up the year. Overall, more than 250 days of sunshine per year and prolonged stretches of rainy weather are very uncommon. The diverse geography allows flying over idyllic landscapes to more than 20 airports in the islands and mainland open to General Aviation. Hence you will find excellent conditions for flying throughout the year that allow you to complete your course promptly.

However, why Flyence Aviation Academy? We focus on quality instead of quantity and aim to ensure optimal personal and interactive training. We acknowledge that your time is precious. Therefore, our school focuses on delivering the best quality of pilots in the least time required to do so. We have decided to remain honest and dignified; that has helped us develop our training routes.

Let us tell you why:

The Training

Our instructors are a fusion of former Air Force pilots, Airline pilots, and recent graduate instructors. Therefore, providing a broad level of experience, knowledge and strengthening the quality of training to our students.

The Fleet

A certified fleet of Cessna 172 M, Cessna 152, Piper PA-34 Seneca, Tecnam, and Flight Simulators. Assuring a continuous availability of Single-Engine and Multi-Engine Aircrafts, which guarantees uninterrupted flight training.

The Society

Our cosmopolitan business environment facilitates students to adapt to a multi-cultural society. Which helps build their character and plays a role in their career once encountering people from diverse cultures.

The Location

Ground School will occur in Athens, making it more convenient for exam submissions, whereas Flight training will occur in Pachi Megara Airport. This airport is a general aviation-dedicated airport with no commercial flights interfering with the flight training. It also has the advantage of seeing great weather throughout the year.

Greece, with its rich history and breath-taking views, is open for advanced training student-pilots and hour builders to visit. Training occurs on airfields around the Greek mainland and islands fit for VFR/IFR approaches, resulting in a diverse and delightful training experience.

The Accommodation

We offer comfortable accommodation, with all-inclusive housing for local and international students in multiple locations.

Our student accommodations are located close to both the ground school and the Megara airport, respectively, consuming less time going back and forth.

Our Relationship

We understand that pilot training is an investment as well as respect our relationship with the student. Thus, we have placed flexible payment agreements, guaranteed no hidden fees, a financial aid program, and other means to help our students achieve their goals.

We respect the fact that our students come from different backgrounds. Therefore, Prayer rooms are available at our ground school for religious observance.

Our Team

Get introduced to our passionate, worthy and valuable team.


Now it is time to know where to go and how to find us.

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